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D-Jerusalem Company

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  1. Jerusalem Company is one of Taha & Partners Group’s outstanding successes. As being 100% woman owned it experienced doubts at first in Iraq’s male dominated society, however, due to Taha & Partners Group’s firm support on fairness and equal opportunity D. Jerusalem has not only made it but reached a success only a few could have.
  2. Jerusalem Company is specialized in providing innovative services in the maintenance and construction sectors especially in the first-rate landscaping services and had various contracts with several prestigious institutions and government agencies. The inventive women of D. Jerusalem found great solutions to all issues they faced in the field. Due to their diverse backgrounds and experiences the women of D. Jerusalem Company are true inspirations in a traditionally male dominated society and the company became the ‘place of client’s immediate solutions’ with great perspectives for the future and with an average annual turnover of 70-100 million USD.

Taha & Partners Group’s forecast and expectations were accurate. D. Jerusalem Company’s steady success eliminated all doubts and became one of the most exceptional and profitable women owned companies in Iraq. Giving women equal opportunities to succeed is vital for the success of Iraq as a whole.

Taha & Partners Group is confident that D. Jerusalem Company shall be seen as a successful model for future companies considering similar enterprises.

Contact Email: maha@taha-partners.com

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