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Prior to the Eastern Company our Chairman and his family share a rich history and passion for Iraq. Throughout all the transformations of the Iraq, Mr. Taha and his family never considered to be in any other place in the world than Iraq. One of the many traits that Taha & Partners Group implant in employees and its business practices is this inherent perseverance.

Taha & Partners Group (TPG) started with the foundation of its first company, The Eastern Company, in 1988. For about three decades, TPG worked hard to grow to be one of the best and pioneering companies in serving Iraq’s community and infrastructure.

Despite all the severe circumstances that Iraq underwent before and after 2003, TPG strived to grow rapidly and become one of the leading companies in rebuilding Iraq. As the country emerges from years of stagnation and war, TPG’s endeavored to be up for the challenge and to succeed despite the obstacles.

In conjunction with its partners and associates, and armed with a deep understanding to the country’s culture and experience, as well as a profound knowledge of the local market, TPG has the proven expertise and credibility to deliver success, and fulfill its glorious targets. We take pride in being able to reach and continue to reach important milestones towards our goal of rebuilding Iraq.

At TPG, we believe “If there is a Will. There is a Way”. These are more than just words but a way of life at TPG. We cultivate passion and loyalty in our employees and encourage them to believe that hard work is like religion.

Through the implementation of the latest and most advanced technologies, we proficiently provide a variety of necessary services. Innovation is one of the most important motives that drive our group towards our goals; and we believe that this is one of the most vital features that made us a pioneer and one of the most preferred regional providers of services and contracts. TPG highly prioritizes the interest of its valuable clients by perpetually improving their operations and productivity in Iraq through a highly organized, efficient apparatus of proven procedures.

Since the democratic changes that started in 2003, TPG had faced several challenges in the process of rebuilding the new Iraq. The repercussions of the old dictatorial regime had left behind a weak and incompetent private sector lacking high standards in engineering, advanced technological tools and skilled human resources urging TPG to take necessary steps toward immediate advancement.

Therefore, TPG is determined that its people are the most valuable asset to all of its successful operations, thus a great investment in developing talents and skills had been placed into the improvement of their competitiveness.

We are dedicated to achieve success and excellence and have continuously expanded our operations and attained a variety of short and long term goals.

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