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Our Pledge


  • To the Community: We add valuable benefits to our community by supporting cultural activities.

  • To Clients: We provide the best services in a timely manner with the most competitive rates.

  • To Business Partners: We focus on mutual interests through close communication in all dealings with our partners. We identify issues of common concerns and work together on improvements to resolve them.

  • To Employees: We respect individuality, provide safe and stimulating workplace environment and equal opportunities to all our employees and evaluate their performance based on their efforts and results.

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Our Values


  • Ethics: We never compromise our integrity, honesty, and fairness which are reflected in our commitment to professionalism and excellence.

  • Reliability: Through our actions we assure our clients that we always remain accurate and timely in all of our procedures.

  • Environment: In our day-to-day activities we always consider reducing the impact to climate change, nature and our environment by recycling, energy conservation, water management, carpooling, and etc.

  • Quality: We are passionate about quality and doing the right work at the first time.

  • Culture: We actively build a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative work environment where all views are welcomed, openness is encouraged, and teamwork and merit are cornerstones.

  • Relationships: We build positive, long-term relationships that are based on trust, respect, and collaboration with our customers, joint-venture partners, subcontractors, suppliers, and colleagues.

  • Sustainability: We improve the quality of life in communities where we work by respecting local cultures, engaging local people, and protecting the environment.

  • Liability: Adhering to and following sound business practices and business ethics is our legal responsibility.

  • Safety: Safety is our highest priority. We always maintain an accident free safe working environment for everyone.

  • Trust: Trust is earned by actions, by always exceeding our customer’s expectations and giving them peace of mind. Excellent Customer Care: We understand, anticipate and meet our customers’ present and future needs.

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Our Success

Taha & Partners Group (TPG) has earned its reputation for exceeding client expectations, due to our unyielding commitment to excellence and our bold approach to service delivery. Since its foundation in 1988 and especially after 2003, TPG has made a history of success stories that we are proud of. We have established ourselves as one of the most distinguished and respectable organizations in Iraq. Our companies are leaders and innovators in their fields and are constantly evolving. In addition, we continue to seek and add new companies and NGOs to serve the IRAQi community that are a compliment to Taha & Partners Group and better serve Iraq’s economical growth. Our list of respected national and international clients has persistently grown, while we have managed to exceed the highest expectations thus our clients labeled us as to be ‘one of the most proficient companies in Iraq.’

One aspect of TPG’s success is recruiting and employing the best and brightest people, providing them with a corporate environment to expand their horizons and innovate. We cultivate a culture of cooperation, communication and friendly competition between our companies and employees to maximize their competence and efficiency. Our employees are highly motivated and dedicated because they know they are making a difference. Their success is our success, a philosophy that creates a deep rich loyalty in our staff that we are really proud of.

TPG is also a pioneer for environmental awareness in Iraq. Becoming an example of a business that is successful while protecting the environment, TPG is determined to minimize Iraq’s impact to climate change.

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Our Strategy

Taha & Partners Group (TPG) is focused to continually support our clients on all their projects. Regardless of the difficulties, technical implementation, and logistical challenges, we deliver the best professional services and the highest quality products to our clients whether in the public (government), private, or international sector.

The main points of our strategy are:


  • Investing in our graduate employment placement program to improve efficiency.

  • Importing and investing in technology to increase overall TPG productivity.

  • Planning and assessing each project with a dynamic view of ensuring long-term success.

  • Being fiscally diligent in our approach to all projects that will result in lower costs and maximum returns for our clients.

  • Business ethics and business practices will all be at the highest standard and quality.

  • Nurturing and building long lasting business relationships with all our clients and partners.

  • Implementing and tracking all projects to guarantee the timelines and budgets are completed under expected results.

  • Expanding the TPG organization with companies that compliments and enhances TPG. All potential partnerships are hand selected.

  • Being environmentally conscious to climate change is an integrated part of every day business practices.

  • Community involvement through employee recruitment, etc. is part the TPG empowerment to develop future professionals.

  • Building name brand recognition and a sustained industry leader through proven performance, both globally and domestically.

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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision is never forgetting that our community, clients, environment and people are an integral part of TPG and everyone’s contribution is vital and relevant to the solution.

Our Mission

To understand that there is no success for foreign companies with out a reliable local partner. Therefore we constantly improve our professional organization and make a lasting positive impact on our environment through our employees and proficient business practices, by utilizing the latest technologies and processes to expertly execute our projects. To provide continuous training of our employees which empowers them to maintain unmatched excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction as we expand, for the improvement of Iraq and the world.

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The biggest challenge that faces the efforts of rebuilding a country is changing the mindset of the people. After 35 years of isolation and oppression, one of the legacies of the previous regime is the national mindset that has been accustomed to centralized authority and being constantly suspicious and skeptic.

We at Taha & Partners Group are accustomed to being pioneers, thus,we took on this enormous challenge to make a difference.We believe that during the relatively short period we managed to achieve results and each and every member of our team that are young, talented, resourceful, hopeful, energetic and most importantly free in spirit and mind represent the new Iraq. This is the main ingredient to our success and at the same time our greatest success is our people.

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