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    Success for one is success for all

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Although the Taha & Partners Group is considered a medium sized group by international standards, it is one of the leading privately owned companies in Iraq that consists of a group of well-established strong entities.The Taha & Partners Group was established in 1988 with the firm belief that it cannot prosper without contributing to the well-being of the country in which it lives and operates in. The Taha & Partners Group, a pioneer and one of the most preferred regional providers of services and contracts highly prioritizes the interest of its valuable clients by perpetually improving their operations and productivity in Iraq through a highly organized, efficient apparatus of well-proven procedures.

Since the democratic changes that started in 2003, the Taha & Partners Group has faced several challenges in the process of rebuilding the new Iraq. The repercussions of the old dictatorial regime had left behind a weak and incompetent private sector lacking high standards in engineering, advanced technological tools and skilled human resources urging the Taha & Partners Group to take necessary steps toward immediate advancement. As a result, the Taha & Partners Group is determined that its people are the most valuable asset to all of its successful operations, thus a great investment in developing talents and skills had been put into the improvement of their competitiveness.

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