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About us
About us

TPG Philosophy

Our Pledge

  • To the Community:   To provide and invest significant benefits to our community by supporting cultural and humanitarian activities.
  • To Clients:   To provide world-class quality services: on time, with transparency and at the greatest value for money
  • To Business Partners and Associates:   To represent the best interests of our partners and associates with integrity and persistence.  To generate confidence, through support, trouble-shooting and close communication to achieve commercial success.
  • To Employees:   To provide a safe, stimulating and diverse workplace environment.  To employ, nurture and develop careers.
  • To the People of Iraq:   Our relentless commitment to restore prosperity and dignity to all.   

Our Values

  • Ethics:   Uncompromising Integrity, Honesty, and Fairness; our pillars for Professionalism and Excellence.
  • Reliability and Assurance:   Through our international-standard compliance and quality management we can assure our clients that we will always be there, delivering to the highest standards in a timely and professional way.  
  • Environment:   We are committed to the impact of climate change on our environment and our sustainability measures are constantly being implemented to achieve carbon neutrality: reducing international travel, recycling, energy conservation, water management, carpooling to name but a few.
  • Quality:   Quality is not negotiable.  We are committed to delivering the highest quality services and assets the first time, on time and for the greatest value.
  • Culture and Diversity:   We have built a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative work environment; equal opportunities are actively encouraged.  We believe in and encourgae freedom of speech and the value that our employees and partners bring to us.  Teamwork and rewarding merit are cultural cornerstones.
  • Relationship Management:   We have built and maintain an enviable network of positive, long-term relationships established in trust, respect, and collaboration with our customers, joint-venture partners, subcontractors, suppliers, and colleagues.
  • Sustainability:   We improve the quality of life in communities where we work by respecting local cultures, engaging local people, and protecting the environment.
  • Liability:   Adhering to and following sound business practices and business ethics is our legal responsibility.
  • Safety:   Safety is our highest priority. We maintain an accident free safe working environment for everyone.
  • Trust:   Trust is earned by actions, by exceeding our customer’s expectations, giving them peace of mind and maintaining excellent customer care: we understand, anticipate and meet our customers’ present and future needs.

Our Success

Taha & Partners Group (TPG) has earned its reputation by exceeding client expectations; an unyielding commitment to excellence and a bold and innovative approach to service delivery.   Since its foundation in 1988 and throughout the challenges of conflict and instability, TPG has a proud and unparalleled history of success stories; establishing ourselves as one of the most distinguished and respectable organizations in Iraq; due to our evolving leadership and innovation in the private sector. 

We seek and partner new 'best athlete' international companies and NGOs to serve the Iraqi community that complement Taha & Partners Group and best serve Iraq’s economical growth.  Our portfolio of respected national and international clients has consistently expanded, through trusted relationships, results and exceeding expectation.  

We recruit and employ the best and brightest people, providing them with a corporate environment to expand their horizons and innovate. We cultivate a culture of cooperation, communication and friendly competition between our companies and employees to maximize their competence and efficiency. Our employees are highly motivated and dedicated because they know they are making a difference. Their success is our success, a philosophy that creates a deep rich loyalty in our staff that we are proud of.

TPG is also a pioneer for environmental awareness in Iraq. Becoming an example of a business that is successful while protecting the environment, TPG is determined to minimize Iraq’s impact to climate change.

Our Strategy

Taha & Partners Group (TPG) is focused to continually support our clients on all their projects. Regardless of the difficulties, technical implementation, and logistical challenges, we deliver the best professional services and the highest quality products to our clients whether in the public (government), private, or international sector.

The main points of our strategy are:

  • Investing in our graduate employment placement program to improve efficiency.
  • Importing and investing in technology to increase overall TPG productivity.
  • Planning and assessing each project with a dynamic view of ensuring long-term success.
  • Being fiscally diligent in our approach to all projects that will result in lower costs and maximum returns for our clients.
  • Business ethics and business practices will all be at the highest standard and quality.
  • Nurturing and building long lasting business relationships with all our clients and partners.
  • Implementing and tracking all projects to guarantee the timelines and budgets are completed under expected results.
  • Expanding the TPG organization with companies that compliments and enhances TPG. All potential partnerships are hand selected.
  • Being environmentally conscious to climate change is an integrated part of every day business practices.
  • Community involvement through employee recruitment, etc. is part the TPG empowerment to develop future professionals.
  • Building name brand recognition and a sustained industry leader through proven performance, both globally and domestically.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision is a prosperous Iraq where the dignity of its people has been restored.  An unique Iraq that celebrates its multi-culturalism and its rich human and natural resurces.  An Iraq that has become economically diverse through its booming private sector.  An Iraq that is a home to its people - safe, vibrant and secure.  An Iraq that welcomes the international community from an equal standpoint.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to revitalise the People of Iraq, in partnership with Iraqi and International Partners, and to:

  • Identify and develop economic opportunities in Iraq and with its neighbours
  • Generate commercial confidence and manage risk by fostering trusted relationships 
  • Strive for and promote commercial excellence
  • Capacity-build the new generation in Iraq
  • Develop the Private Sector and promote economic diversity 

In order to restore prosperity and dignity to the People of Iraq 


The biggest challenge to rebuilding Iraq is changing the mindset of its people and the mindset of the international community.  After 35 years of conflict, isolation and oppression, the legacy of past regimes is a suspicious and sceptical perception of centralized authority and corruption.  

Taha & Partners Group are pioneers and we willingly accept the enormous challenge to make a difference.  We have achieved spectacular results in a short time frame.  Our people are talented, resourceful and energetic; free in spirit and mind; they confidently represent the new Iraq. This is the key ingredient to our success;  our greatest success is our people.

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