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TPG Services

Taha & Partners Group (TPG) have been combining strong forward-thinking and cutting-edge technology with unparalleled quality and control to improve our performance and serve the country’s demands.  We achieved our success through striking the balance between big ideas and the technical ability to bring them to life. We are a highly diverse group and our expertise, services and assets include:

  • Construction & Reconstruction - residential and commercial
  • Contracting & General Trading
  • Management Consulting and Advisory Services for International and National Companies and NGOs
  • Railway & LGP
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Logistics and Life Support Services including Shipment, Aviation Logistics & Catering 
  • Telecommunications and IT Services including SMART Card technology
  • Integrated Security Services including Explosive Hazard Management
  • Property & Investment Management Services
  • Legal and Financial Services
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