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News & Events

Oil Sludge Separation System (OSS) Seminar in Basra

June 1,2012

Taha & Partners Group in cooperation with Black Eye Petroleum, held a seminar at the COC Cultural Oil Center in Basra after welcoming the Japanese delegation from LSM Company to explain the environmentally friendly technology of OSS and the implementation methods that can be used to produce high quality oil for the market without thermal cracking.

The event was considered a success and the feedback was very positive as the technology itself can be a benefit to the environment and Iraq’s oil production.

Taha & Partners Group was represented by Mr. Hussain A. Rassool Ali – (Business Development Coordinator) while Black Eye Petroleum was represented by Mr. Haider Dawood (CEO).

LSM Company was represented by Mr. Hisao Yoshimura – (Senior Managing Executive Officer) and Mr. Hajji Yamauchi – (Advisor).

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