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TIMAX becoming part of the TPG

December 1,2015

TIMAX is established by a group of subject matter experts who collectively accumulated their vast experience in the Security, Surveillance and Defense fields in order to utilize their experience, communications, relations, contacts and knowhow to serve the demanding and challenging market in a professional manner.

TIMAX core values are braced around and targeting the well-being and quality of life for the human race.

TIMAX insist to solve great challenges and convey life-saving outputs. We are committed to provide, tools, equipment, technology and solutions in the fields of Security, Surveillance and Defense to our Clients in the critical hostile territories.

TIMAX philosophy is based on providing cost effective, smart and adequate solutions for our Clients forming a win-win relationship.

TIMAX builds its success on rigid lasting relations with its Clients through proper analysis research, development and providing long lasting solutions with close follow up and maintenance.

TIMAX strength is based on the specialized pool of high end resources, partners and subject matter experts each in his domain of expertise in order to derive the latest most suitable and tailored solution for our Clients.

TIMAX is eager to be your one point of contact for Security, Surveillance and Defense solutions.

  1. X-Ray (Overhead )Scanners for Vehicles and Trucks Safe scanners and more advanced than other manufacturers with reliability, precision, speed and easy to operate. (Origin: Swiss)
  2. X-Ray Scanners for Airplanes new Enovation ( Cargo, Personnel and Military) (Origin: Swiss)
  3. X-Ray Scanners (Luggage, Mail and Caskets) Advanced technology, different sizes and ability to detect explosives & drugs (Origin: USA)
  4. Security Gates ( Multiple Operation) Advanced gates technology with instant ability to detect drugs, weapons and explosives (Origin: USA)
  5. Detection of Improvised Explosive Devices (Origin: USA)
  6. Underground and Behind Walls Detection Device ( Drugs, Explosives, IED) (Origin: USA)
  7. Permanent Air Surveillance System “Super Evolution” (the Balloon) Considered as the latest advanced technology for City, borders, terrain surveillance with range up to 70 KM from RAVEN, The Technology is adapted by the Pentagon (Origin: USA)
  8. Tactical and Inspection Robots Advanced Technology with multiple models for covering different operations (Origin: Spain)
  9. Active and Reactive Jamming Systems (Jammers) (Origin: USA, Germany, UK & Swiss)
  10. Sniffer/Detection Dogs Reliable sourcing, ability to detect, drugs, explosives, gas & oil leakage (Origin: Belgium & Spain)
  11. AP and AT Mines Mechanical/Machine Clearance (Demining ahead of Troops Engagement) Ability to supply advanced mine-clearance machines, tools and equipment, in addition to training specialist and local communities. Our service in this field is extended to the capacity to perform the works on ground and clear the designated areas from all types of mines after thorough investigation and identification of the targeted fields.
  12. Safety Films and Security Glass (Origin: USA & Turkey)
  13. Fire-retardant Foam for Anti-riot Vehicles (Origin: Germany)
  14. City Control (CCTV Integrated Systems) CCTV is recommended and used by many major cities and others are already on the way to adopt these systems in their security and control measures, since these systems have proven records in mitigating crimes and terrorist actions, flexibility in integration, and cost effective solutions when compared with typical solutions which puts the security staff life at risk while adding huge amounts of annual expenditure at the Governments ends (Origin: USA & Europe) 15. Mobile/Stationed Military Kitchens and Ovens (Origin: Turkey & Europe)
  15. Hidden Bugs Detection Tools Detects hidden bugs in hotel rooms, meeting rooms…
  16. Military Clothing ( Conventional, Anti-bullets, Anti Explosives) We represent high end European Factories which are specialized in manufacturing Military apparel, footwear, equipment, helmets, personal protection shields, EOD and IOD protective suits and equipment, all the way to the Arms and Ammunitions, in addition to Military mobile kitchens and bakeries while cooperating with the best European and Turkish Manufacturers. The factories we represent are world-class factories that supply major armed forces and security staff worldwide, in a trustworthy manner with ultimate value against cost. The equation of specifications against cost makes us your preferred focal point for the military supplies.
  17. X-Ray Scanners (Luggage, Mail and Caskets)
  18. Refugee Camps Facilitation
  19. Phones and Systems Protection
  20. Iris Recognition Technology
  21. Intelligence Tools and Equipment
  22. Unmanned Surveillance and Attack Planes
  23. Night and Day Vision Systems
  24. Advanced microscopic technique to confine and prove the perpetrator at the crime scene (for forensic experts).
  25. Anti-Riot Tools and Equipment.
  26. Radiological and Nuclear Contamination Detection.
  27. Anti-Explosives Suits.
  28. Under Vehicle Inspection Systems.
  29. Mobile X-Ray Inspection Device.
  30. Advance Technology for Chemical Threat Early Detection.
  31. Barriers and Road Blocks.
  32. Field Mobile and Stationed Hospitals.
  33. Facilities Safe-Guard and Protection.
  34. Attack Detection and Positioning System.
  35. Oil Facilities Protection and Leak Detection Systems.
  36. CCTV System for Vehicle’s Crews During Service.
  37. Anti-Sniper, Sniper Detection and Night Vision Systems 

The technology is proven in war zones for lifesaving, Ability to detect snipers before shooting takes place, ability to position the hostile fire and to respond efficiently, archives all activities while being connected to multiple command Centers in real-time We hope we can support you in your sacred mission, while being at your disposal for any further inquiries.

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