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YahSat Signs New Service Partnership Agreement with Sky Orbit in Iraq

August 1,2015

Launched in 2014, Sky Orbit is part of Taha& Partners Group, which is based in Iraq. The company offers a wide-range of communication solutions that include trade, IT networking supplies, installation and maintenance services. Al Yah Satellite Communications Company has announced the appointment of a new national service partner in Iraq for its YahClick service.

The agreement facilitates the deployment of Yahsat’sYahClick satellite internet solution across many government institutions and departments that are serviced by Sky Orbit. It will also enable Sky Orbit to expand into new projects with the Iraqi government, the non-governmental sector and the private sector by integrating YahClick’s connectivity solutions into its offering.
The agreement was recently signed in Abu Dhabi and was attended by senior Yahsat management team members and Taha& Partners Group (TPG) Chairman WalidTaha. Ali Kasab, Director General and Executive Board Chairman of Iraq’s State Company for Internet Services, was also present at the signing ceremony.

David Murphy, Chief Commercial Officer of Yahsat, commented: “This is a significant partnership for us in Iraq as it allows us to provide our comprehensive satellite connectivity services to the government and its different departments and institutions. This agreement demonstrates YahClick’s viability as a satellite solution for a wide-range of market segments including the government sector.”

WalidTaha of Sky Orbit said: “The new partnership with Yahsat demonstrates our commitment to providing world-class services and building long-term relationships with our customers. The immediate demand for YahClick will be in remote areas outside of Baghdad and the southern region including but not limited to Basra, Najaf, and Emara. This will also include all areas that are not yet internet enabled through existing providers. With this new partnership, we will deliver the best internet solutions in the remote areas as well as across our entire service area in Iraq.”

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