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Imteaz Baghdad

Imteaz Baghdad, a company established in 2016 and registered according to Iraqi Law of Companies anda member of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce and Contractors League in Iraq, has been established to respond to the growing need of the vision of Taha & Partners Management to match and respond positively to market demands in the field of general trading and contracting and to execute jobs and enter into contracts to supply different items and bring latest technology and high quality products.It is not limitedto only different fields of construction, software,hardware but also contains theknowhow of low-cost feasible smart cities,solar energy,programming in the electronic payments and trying to expand in new fields which have not been present before.Imteaz Baghdad is acting in response with international technology and reflecting what is available in advanced services and technology toIraqi markets.

Imteaz Baghdad’s name has been chosen carefully,meaning‘unique Baghdad’ in Arabic.The management is looking and working hard to match the corporate’s actions with the company name.

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