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MTH International

MTH International is serves as a waste management, erosion control, bio-remediation, bio-restoration, re-vegetation, dust control, soil salinity control, seawater desalination, air purification, fire suppression, and etc. MTH International also develops and implements institutional remedial alternatives and providing services, material and solutions for oil and gas fields.

MTH provides wholesale trade of goods, materials, machines, equipment, components, parts and chemicals for environmental purposes; as well as agricultural raw materials. MTH is capable of providing all types of agricultural services including irrigation systems, conducting, monitoring and superintending, Project Management, Consultancy and Training Services. This also includes repair, treatment, recycle and restitution of the wastes and damages resulting from the nature and ecological environment by all kinds of oil and gas products and services, arrangement and improvement of lands and fields, forming green fields, renewing the ground providing consulting and engineering services, forming machine parks and procurement, selling, production, marketing, importing and exporting all kinds of materials and all equipment related services.

We provide the most enhanced bio-restoration techniques with our expertise and worldwide solution partners.

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  • Modeling of in-situ bio-restoration
  • Native re-vegetation projects
  • Highway roadside projects
  • Mine restoration
  • Landfills
  • Fire restoration
  • Residential development
  • Commercial development
  • Desert environments
  • Low-moisture environments
  • Waterways, wetlands, levies and aqueducts
  • Golf courses and sports fields
  • Solar and wind farms
  • Military installations
  • Contaminated soil projects (saline/sodic)
  • Power plants (gas, coal and nuclear)
  • MTH International acknowledges that after many years of ecological and environmental negligence in Iraq, we are prepared and ready to provide the services to restore nature and provide a long lasting remedy to areas afflicted by military and petroleum operations.

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