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The Eastern Company

The Eastern Company for Commercial Agencies was created in 1988 as one of the first Iraqi companies permitted to represent foreign companies under law No. 83 of 1988.

The Eastern Company is specialized in several engineering sectors, mainly in the Railway and LPG industrial production fields. It is dedicated to provide comprehensive commercial representation.

Our services are all-inclusive and we handle all the procedures and transactions alone always guaranteeing customer’s satisfaction. The Eastern Company focuses mainly on promotion of products, contracting, sales and distribution. Our exceptional service includes after-sales servicing that is vital for the customer’s present and future satisfaction. We are committed to fulfill all inquiries and requests our clients may have to ensure mutual success.

Since its inception, the Eastern Company has been one of the most successful and highly regarded representation agencies in Iraq. We represented several well-known firms and customers with great success in the past 22 years. Due to our distinction we have excellent client retention rates and new clients are often directed to us by our current clientele.

We are dedicated to remain one of the best representation agencies in Iraq with over 300 million USD sales through our history.

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